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Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai


Globalization has made the need for attestation of documents more critical for international individuals and companies. Consulate attestation is among the most essential documents needed by various formal procedures. Suppose you’re working with documents that are required to be used in the UAE but were developed by Russia. In that case, it is necessary to obtain an attestation from the Russian Consulate, which is located in Dubai. Superior Translation Services is here to grant the complete details regarding the Russian Consulate attestation in Dubai and highlight their importance, the process required, and the types of documents needing attestation.

Importance of Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai

Russian Consulate Attestation (Consular) is the most crucial method to verify original documents produced by Russia to be used within the UAE. This process guarantees that UAE authorities recognize and accept the documents for various reasons, including work, education or personal reasons. If you’ve done your attestation correctly, the documents you’ve presented may be accepted as valid and help complete the formal and administrative procedures throughout the UAE.


Process of Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai

The process of attesting documents that the Russian Consulate in Dubai issues requires various steps to ensure that these documents are original and valid to use within the UAE. Superior Translation Services offers an easy method to go through these steps promptly:

  1. Notarization in Russia:

First, you must get your documents notarized by an official notary public outside of Russia. This procedure verifies their authenticity and provides a signature from the person who issued them.

  1. Translation to Arabic:

The UAE is a nation with a language called Arabic. All documents that you send must be translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

  1. Attestation by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

After notarization, documents must be authenticated by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials to confirm their authenticity.

  1. Attestation by the UAE Embassy in Russia:

Next step would be getting an attestation by an attestation from the UAE Embassy of the UAE in Russia. This will warrant whether the UAE government will be able to recognize the documents.

  1. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE:

When the documents are found inside the UAE, they must be certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai:

The documents must be certified by the Russian Consulate in Dubai. This affirms that the documents were correct and are acceptable for use within the UAE.

Requirements for Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai

To complete the Russian Consulate attestation process in Dubai, it is required to submit the following documents and fulfil the following criteria:


Real Documents: Be sure to have all original documents that require attestation, such as wedding certificates, birth certificates, certificates of education, and official business documents.

Copy of Passport: A duplicate copy of the identity card of the individual to whom documents are authenticated.

Translation Copies: Accredited Arabic Translations derived from the original documents.

Supporting Documents: Any additional documents may assist in an attestation process, for instance, an explanation of the reason for attestation.

Fees: We are paying the required fees for attestation, which vary depending on the document type and the number of records. But approx. is 400 dhs to 600 dhr. 

Application Form: Complete the required application forms that are available by the Russian Consulate.

Types of Documents Needing Russian Consulate Attestation

Certain documents may require attestation from different sources. Depending on their purpose, the Russian Consulate in Dubai could attest to them. Here are some common categories of documents that typically require consulate attestation.

  1. Educational Documents:

Certificates, diplomas, and transcripts issued by higher education in Russia.

  1. Personal Documents:

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates for deaths.

  1. Commercial Documents:

Contracts, business agreements, contracts and power of attorney, and incorporation certificates.

  1. Legal Documents:

Court orders and letters of affidavits are other forms of documentation.

  1. Medical Documents:

Medical certificates, reports and other papers that pertain to health.


Usage of Russian Consulate Attestation in Dubai

Once your certificate from the Russian Consulate in Dubai has approved the documents you’ve provided, they can be used for various official purposes in the UAE. Here are a few typical instances where the documents are required:

  1. Employment:

Accredited certificates of education and qualifications are typically required to prove one’s qualifications and experience when applying for jobs in the UAE.

  1. Education:

If you’re studying for your master’s degree in the UAE, attested academic documents are necessary for university admissions and scholarship applications.

  1. Business Setup:

To establish a business or an office for a Russian company in the UAE, certified commercial documents are required to comply with legal requirements and regulations.

  1. Personal Matters:

Authenticated personal documents, such as birth certificates and marriage documents, are necessary for family visas, residence permits, and other legal processes for private purposes.

  1. Legal Procedures:

Authenticated legal documents are needed in legal proceedings, powers of attorney, and other legal matters.


Nearby Locations for Attestation Services

If you’re living in Burjuman, Bur Dubai, there are plenty of convenient places to get the attestation service. They include:


• Sharaf DG: Sharaf DG is a bustling region near Burjuman that offers a range of attestation options.

• Al Mankhool: Al Mankhool is another nearby location offering various attestation services.

• Al Fahidi: Al Fahidi is a well-known brand for its services to the commercial sector. It offers several options for document attestation.

• OudMetha: Oud Metha is a famous Dubai region with various places offering attestation.

Certifying papers at the Russian Consulate in Dubai is essential for those dealing with formal matters needing Russian documents within the UAE. By following the proper procedure and ensuring all requirements are met, you will ensure that your documents are legitimate and recognized to be accepted by UAE authorities. A valid certification can facilitate smooth transactions in education, employment or business-related matters.

To get reliable and effective services for attestation, look into Superior Translation Services, conveniently located at Office No. 48, Al Abbas 2 Building, Same HBL Bank, Bank Street, Near Burjuman Metro Exit No. 3, Bur Dubai. We provide free delivery and pickup for your documents and serve the surrounding areas like Sharaf DG, Al Mankhool, Al Fahidi, Oud Metha and many more. Our knowledgeable team is proficient with the rules and regulations for Dubai’s Russian Consulate of Dubai and will warrant that your documents are handled with care and accuracy.

For more details, call us now at +971-55-427-6887 to find out more or email us at [email protected]

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