Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA) Services in Dubai


Superior Translation Services, a trusted and market-leading company with decades of experience, offers MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai and other Certificate and Document Attestation Services in UAE. It provides services for attestation to clients from all over the world. Our dedicated experts are committed to giving the most reliable and efficient attestation service, taking care of all the tedious paperwork to allow you to focus on the most essential things in life: your time and your money.


We are proud of our vast experience and expertise in the area of document attestation, which includes certificate attestation of various types such as educational certificates, non-educational certificate attestation, as well as commercial certificate attestation of documents such as passports, visas, and more. We use a standard procedure involving listening to our customers, understanding their issues, and addressing them. We also focus on offering comprehensive and practical solutions.

Having attested documents with attestation in Dubai is a requirement for every person, whether for their personal or business records or certificates. The official organization of the government, known as “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai, is accountable for the approval of documents issued by the country of origin. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is the final arbiter within the United Arab Emirates for certificate confirmation.


Purpose of MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai:

The document is valid for any official purpose within Dubai after it has the MOFA seal engraved on it. Having documents inspected through the regional Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is known as MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai. This is a crucial stage in legalizing documents used overseas. The certificate or document is authenticated through MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai and confirmed by the government that issued it.

It is required for various reasons, including obtaining an immigration visa, attending college, obtaining work, etc. It is essential to know that the MOFA Attestation process comprises a few steps and prerequisites that may take some time. For a smooth and prompt process, it is recommended to use one of the certified trusted attestation companies, such as Superior Translation Services.


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Eligibility for MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai:

  • Tourists
  • Citizens
  • Companies
  • Students
  • Investors
  • Residents

Anyone from within or outside of Dubai and outside Dubai can get their documents attested or any other document issued by MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai for official reasons in the country.

There are various requirements to be satisfied based on the issue of the document that requires attestation. If your paper was issued in Dubai, specific requirements must be met, while if your document was issued outside of Dubai, there are different requirements.

If your Documents are issued outside of the Dubai:

  • The documents may be certified through the UAE Embassy Attestation Service in Dubai, the country’s Consulate which issued them, or by a foreign mission. The application can be submitted via MOFAIC’s online platforms. MOFAIC online platforms.
  • Documents must be authenticated in Dubai by making an online request for attestation.
  • The original document has to have the stamp of authenticity issued at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation of the country of concern.


If your documents are issued within the Dubai:

  • The documents are then confirmed by authorities at the UAE Embassy Attestation Service in Dubai, the Consulate, or the UAE in the country of your birth country or where the document was issued.
  • Original documents should be certified by the relevant authorities. Digital copies can be digitally validated.
  • You are required to submit solely original documentation. Documents that are laminated or photocopied are not approved by the MOFA.

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Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy provider of attestation services? Then you've come to the right place! At Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we offer world-class MOFA attestation services for both individuals and businesses in the UAE. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality attestations that meet all your requirements and expectations.


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Documents that need UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai:

The kinds of documents that need MOFA Attestation for official reasons within the UAE are:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce contracts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Educational certificates
  • Invoices and contracts for commercial transactions
  • Personal tax certificates for individuals
  • Certificates of birth and demise
  • Medical certifications
  • Statements from banks

Superior Translation Services offers attestation services for all documents and certificates within the UAE and has your document certified with authorities at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. We also offer the attestation of commercial documents to support your business within the country. We are a certified and recognized attestation supplier from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, and we can provide an efficient and quick solution for document attestation requirements in the UAE

MOFA Attestation Process in UAE:

There is a specific procedure to obtain MOFA attestation from the UAE. Initially, all documents must be attested by the appropriate government agency in the country they were issued. The documents must then be attestation through the UAE Embassy Attestation Service in Dubai in that country. In turn, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai confirms the document’s legality once this pre-attestation has been completed.


  • Visit your MOFA online, then choose your login type: either for a company or an individual. 
  • After logging in, fill in the form and attach the documents that must be attested.
  •    Select the authority from which you’ll require an attestation
  • The relevant authority inspects this application, and approval will be issued along with the payment.
  • You can click on the My Task option on the portal, make the payment, and then get it endorsed

At the time of attestation, the attestation, MOFA signature, and MOFA seal are printed to ensure that the document is accepted for various applications, including the application for a Family Visa. The MOFA Attestation process assures the legitimacy and authenticity of documents through these steps, which are vital to their acceptance and usage in other countries. If you are in the country, you will have their documents sent directly to you. The document will be delivered to you. Expats and foreigners who have applied through the UAE Embassy Attestation Service in Dubai /Missions must visit the centers directly to collect the documents.

It is essential to remember that severe legal repercussions can be triggered should MOFA officials discover that the document is fake. The consequences of these illegal acts can be painful because the UAE is known for adhering to the law. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that all your documents are authentic and have been subjected to the correct attestations by a professional Attestation service such as Superior Translation Services.

Benefits of MOFA Attestation Services:

When you obtain an MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai, you can be sure that your documents are not just a few pieces of paper but have an official Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation seal of credibility and legitimacy that offers an essential degree of security for use in official settings throughout UAE.

  • Processing Visas MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai necessary to obtain visas for various reasons, such as education, employment, and much more. Having all the required documents adequately attested will speed up the visa application process.
  • Education opportunities MOFA attestation Services are needed to pursue education opportunities in foreign countries. It ensures the authenticity of education certificates, which allows applicants to go on to the college or scholarship program.
  • The attested document produced through MOFA Attestation Services is accepted worldwide and acknowledged not only in the UAE but also on an international scale across diverse nations. This recognition increases the document’s value and assists in avoiding administrative and legal issues.
  • Legal Conformity: MOFA Attestation Services ensures that documents comply with the regulations of the country where they are utilized. It provides confidence that the documents adhere to the legal standards and guidelines.
  • Possibilities of employment Possibilities for employment: Obtaining MOFA attestation services is crucial in locating jobs in foreign countries. It validates the validity of the work-related documents and allows them to be used during the hiring process.
  • Professional credibility: Your professional credibility can be enhanced through MOFA Attestation Services for individuals and companies. It shows that they’ve adhered to the proper administrative and legal procedures, which gives their documents and image more credibility.
  • Business prospects: MOFA Attestation Services in Dubai are essential to pursue opportunities to conduct business overseas. It helps establish confidence and trust among investors, customers, and business partners, which allows companies to expand internationally.

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